The Weekly Stuff Podcast with Jonathan Lack & Sean Chapman

The Weekly Stuff #147 - Reviewing DOOM & X-Men Apocalypse

Episode Summary

It's a two topic episode this week, as we review X-Men Apocalypse and dive into the amazing new DOOM game from Id and Bethesda.

Episode Notes

It’s a two-topic episode this week, as after hitting a few quick pieces of news, covering recent shake-ups and kerfuffles related to WB’s troubled DC film slate, and recounting Jonathan’s adventures with a 16-year-old Pokemon game, we offer two in-depth reviews: One for this week’s X-Men Apocalypse – which one of us liked and one of us didn’t – and this month’s new DOOM game, which is an unambiguous treat from top to bottom. Spoilers for both are touched upon, though neither work would be significantly impacted by knowing plot details going in. And if you haven’t played DOOM yet, you seriously should – just listen to our discussion for all the details on why it is such an impressive masterwork.