The Weekly Stuff Podcast with Jonathan Lack & Sean Chapman

The Weekly Stuff #149– E3 2016 Analysis Spectacular! Discussing all the news from Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and more!

Episode Summary

In our annual E3 episode, we break down all the news from Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and more in excruciating detail.

Episode Notes

If you’ve listened to The Weekly Stuff for any period of time, you know we – or, at least, Sean – are sort of unhealthily obsessed with E3, and the many strange, overlong, weirdly wonderful press conferences and gaming announcements that come along with it. As we do every single year, we break down all the major conferences in order, from EA to Bethesda to Microsoft to Ubisoft to Sony, and to the Zelda- and Pokemon-themed musings of Nintendo. Which companies put on the best shows? What announcements and trailers surprised or impressed us most? Which games have we come out of E3 more or less excited for? In what is easily our longest podcast ever – sorry about that – we break down every announcement and trailer, and even wind up pitching a movie in which Zac Efron and Jaime Foxx get high at E3 (we got loopy there for a stretch). This is one of our favorite podcasts to do every year, and we hope you enjoy.