The Weekly Stuff Podcast with Jonathan Lack & Sean Chapman

The Weekly Stuff #228 - Mario Day, Nintendo Direct, Violence in Video Games & More

Episode Summary

We celebrate Mario Day 2018, discuss this year's Oscars, talk the recent Nintendo Direct, and the depressing recurrence of the 'Violence in Video Games' discussion in America's mainstream.

Episode Notes

It's a grab-bag style episode this week, as offer topics ranging from serious and topical to silly and only tangentially topical. Sean and Jonathan both talk about great recent indie games, including Into the Breach and Celeste, recap the Oscars and this week's Nintendo Direct news, and cover some various odds and ends. We then have a serious talk about the absurdity of 'violence in video games' still being blamed for school shootings some 20 years after Columbine, in reaction to the nonsensical White House meeting this week, and what a gross function this rhetoric serves in distracting from real solutions. And finally, in honor of March 10 - "Mar10 Day," or "Mario Day," as Nintendo has coined (pun intended) - Jonathan ranks, on the fly, every single Super Mario Bros game in one of our sillier and less substantive recent segments.

Time Chart:

Intro: 0:03:05
Sean Talks Into the Breach: 0:03:05 - 0:09:18
Jonathan Talks Celeste and other stuff: 0:09:18 - 0:31:14
News, including Oscar reactions: 0:31:14 - 1:17:40
Nintendo Direct recap: 1:17:40 - 1:46:42
Violence in Video Games: 1:46:42 - 2:06:09
Mario Day 'Celebration': 2:06:09 - 2:41:03

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