The Weekly Stuff Podcast with Jonathan Lack & Sean Chapman

The Weekly Stuff #156 – News Round-up, Suicide Squad Review, and Discussing No Man’s Sky

Episode Summary

We review the horrible Suicide Squad, round up some recent film and gaming news, and discuss the phenomenon that is No Man's Sky.

Episode Notes

This week starts with Jonathan talking about his unexpected journey with the now 15-year-old _Final Fantasy X, _and Sean continuing his assassination adventures with _Hitman, _before we dive into some recent news, such as the passing of _Star Wars’ _Kenny Baker and the delay (now confirmed) of _Final Fantasy XV. _Then, for our main topics, we review _Suicide Squad _– or, at least, Jonathan despairs over the movie while Sean remains glad he was never stupid enough to go watch it – and discuss _No Man’s Sky, _the game that everybody in the world seems to be talking about, but perhaps for the wrong reasons. 

Time Chart

Intro: 0:00:00 – 0:08:45

Jonathan talks _Final Fantasy X: _0:08:45 – 0:31:30

Sean talks _Hitman: _0:31:30 – 0:40:35

News round-up: 0:40:35_ – _1:06:50

_Suicide Squad _PTSD flashbacks: 1:06:50 – 2:15:30

Discussing No Man’s Sky: 2:15:30 – 3:08:20