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The Weekly Stuff Bonus #5 – Doctor Who: City of Death (Story 105, 1979)

Episode Summary

In our fifth Classic Doctor Who bonus podcast, we look at the incredible late-Fourth Doctor story, "City of Death," written by the immortal Douglas Adams himself.

Episode Notes

To do the long reign of the Fourth Doctor justice, we’re sticking with Tom Baker again this month, jumping ahead to 1979, his penultimate season, for one of the greatest Doctor Who stories ever mounted: “City of Death,” credited to the pseudonym ‘David Agnew,’ but which was mainly written by then-script editor and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy writer Douglas Adams. One of the great humorists of all time, Adams’ voice is apparent throughout this wonderful, zany, insanely compelling story, which features Lalla Ward as companion Romana, famed actor Julian Glover as the lead antagonist, a terrific guest performance from Tom Chadbon as memorable one-off companion Duggan, and even an amazing cameo from John Cleese and Eleanor Bron. And much of it is shot on location in Paris, one of the few times Doctor Who has ever left England. If you’ve never seen a classic Doctor Who story, “City of Death” will make you a true believer – this is just about as good as TV gets.

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