The Weekly Stuff Podcast with Jonathan Lack & Sean Chapman

Clip from Episode 267 - Doctor Who Series 11, Gender, and Political Regression

Episode Notes

This is a clip from this week's full podcast, in which we covered a lot of topics, including this season of Doctor Who and its many creative failings. I wanted to clip out one part of that discussion and share it separately, however, because I think it's the most important part of our comments, and I think it speaks to something few critics are genuinely trying to grapple with this season: Have Chris Chibnall and the Doctor Who creative team done right by the character and the responsibilities of representation in their push for greater on-screen diversity this year? As Sean and I argue here, the politics of this season are actually shocking regressive and pro-status quo, and in creating the first female Doctor, Chibnall's writing has reduced the character to a shallow series of heavily gendered 'quirks,' with the most important character in the season, the character through whom all of the major themes flow, being the one middle-aged white guy on screen. It's a nuanced, complicated discussion, but I wanted people to hear this section if they hear nothing else, so it's excerpted here for that purpose. Enjoy.