The Weekly Stuff Podcast with Jonathan Lack & Sean Chapman

The Weekly Stuff #332 – Black Lives Matter, F*** the Police, and Reviewing Turn A Gundam

Episode Summary

We discuss the recent protests against police brutality in the United States, suggest some places to donate, and review Turn A Gundam for the 1-year anniversary of Weekly Suit Gundam.

Episode Notes

This week’s episode is primarily the topic from today’s Weekly Suit Gundam, our Mobile Suit Gundam-themed sister series, which turns one year old today as we review 1999’s Turn A Gundam, one of the greatest and most thematically rich corners of the entire Gundam universe. But we also take some time at the top of the show to discuss the protests that have grown across the United States and abroad against police brutality and systemic racism. Our perspective as two white guys is only worth so much, obviously, but we wanted to acknowledge the reality of this historic moment, and Sean’s insight as a young public school teacher in a country that prioritizes state violence over education is definitely worth hearing. 

We also share a few links to worthy causes we strongly encourage listeners to support, which include: 

Black Lives Matter Resource Hub –

Minnesota Freedom Fund –

Reclaim the Block –

Black Visions Collective –

Colorado Freedom Fund –

National Bail Fund Network –

ActBlue Racial Justice Donation –

George Floyd Memorial Fund –

Justice For Breonna Taylor –

I Run With Maud (Ahmaud Arbery Memorial Fund) –

Ramsey Orta Welcome Home Fund –